It Ends…

A year ago – just because, I let go of a life that I had known for a very long time. It was scary. It was crazy. But it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. That old life however, wants me back… Continue reading It Ends…


I have often been asked about what I’ve learned or how I’ve changed during all of my travels. This is one of the things that surfaced very slowly over time: I stopped understanding the meaning of the word ‘ugly’ when referring to appearance. Continue reading Ugly


My original attempt to visit Vietnam -from Taiwan, failed spectacularly as I did not know I needed a visa letter in order to get the visa on arrival. Needless to say, I lost my flight. Later, while in Laos, it crossed my mind to skip Vietnam altogether and not deal with the visa. That lazy thinking of course, would’ve really been the real failure. Continue reading Vietnam

Five Months Into My Trip Around The World

I’ve been traveling the world for five months now and I’ve noticed that the longer my journey continues, the more guilt builds in strength and frequency. Conversely, stress from my former life is so far gone, there’s times when absolute happiness brings me to tears. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt since I was a child and it is when the grown up returns, that guilt sets in. Continue reading Five Months Into My Trip Around The World

Full Moon Party

On my way to the Middle East, while passing through Bangkok, I met a backpacker that was heading to the Full Moon Party. Within 10 minutes of conversation, I was tangled to go as well. “Yes” can be scary, but in this case, it lead to a great party, amazing people and the hardest “goodbye” yet. Continue reading Full Moon Party

Four Months Into My Trip Around The World

I’ve been traveling the world for four months now and it’s really settled in me that it no longer feels like I’m on vacation or on a trip. It’s just the way my life is now. It’s a new normal. A great normal but one that is quickly fleeing and I’m starting to feel the need to decide if this is still something temporary, to be wrapped in a couple of months or something that I may extend indefinitely. Continue reading Four Months Into My Trip Around The World