I hate dealing with visas. Getting a visa for Russia – for an American in today’s climate, can be quite the time consuming ordeal. Luckily, I’m also Colombian and I was welcomed with open arms! Ok, not really. It’s Russia:) Continue reading Russia


I have often been asked about what I’ve learned or how I’ve changed during all of my travels. This is one of the things that surfaced very slowly over time: I stopped understanding the meaning of the word ‘ugly’ when referring to appearance. Continue reading Ugly


My original attempt to visit Vietnam -from Taiwan, failed spectacularly as I did not know I needed a visa letter in order to get the visa on arrival. Needless to say, I lost my flight. Later, while in Laos, it crossed my mind to skip Vietnam altogether and not deal with the visa. That lazy thinking of course, would’ve really been the real failure. Continue reading Vietnam