Agent Of Urgency

Death is a scary thought. One we don’t think about. It’s an end to everything we know in an instant, but we should never forget this uncomfortable fact. Accepting death and its ever closing proximity will actually yield a better life and an easier death. Read on to find out my thoughts on death. Continue reading Agent Of Urgency

It Ends…

A year ago – just because, I let go of a life that I had known for a very long time. It was scary. It was crazy. But it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. That old life however, wants me back… Continue reading It Ends…


The boot of the world has officially made me into a cliché. I will now be one of those that promote Italy as a must place to visit. Whether you’re a backpacker, a couple or a family traveling, you must come to Italy. Hell, even if you aren’t any of those, but just the type to consume food on a daily basis for survival, then you need to come to Italy. Continue reading Italy


I hate dealing with visas. Getting a visa for Russia – for an American in today’s climate, can be quite the time consuming ordeal. Luckily, I’m also Colombian and I was welcomed with open arms! Ok, not really. It’s Russia:) Continue reading Russia


I have often been asked about what I’ve learned or how I’ve changed during all of my travels. This is one of the things that surfaced very slowly over time: I stopped understanding the meaning of the word ‘ugly’ when referring to appearance. Continue reading Ugly