What is Kobe beef?

3 thoughts on “What is Kobe beef?”

  1. Very interesting. I think this has been my favorite blog post yet because of how informational it was. Excited to see what you actually thought of the kobe, and if it is worth the price.


    1. Thank you. Yeah, most of my posts so far have been mostly a dairy of sorts. Since I did the research on Kobe beef, I figured I’d provide the information distilled not only for me to go back to later (still kind of diary), but also for people to really understand what it is. I’m a steak lover, and I myself didn’t really know what it was. I will be making a post after I go to both restaurants. I will be going to the second restaurant on the evening of the 28th. I have a flight the next day so I’ll write the post on that flight.


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