The boot of the world has officially made me into a cliché. I will now be one of those that promote Italy as a must place to visit. Whether you’re a backpacker, a couple or a family traveling, you must come to Italy. Hell, even if you aren’t any of those, but just the type to consume food on a daily basis for survival, then you need to come to Italy. Continue reading Italy


I hate dealing with visas. Getting a visa for Russia – for an American in today’s climate, can be quite the time consuming ordeal. Luckily, I’m also Colombian and I was welcomed with open arms! Ok, not really. It’s Russia:) Continue reading Russia


I have often been asked about what I’ve learned or how I’ve changed during all of my travels. This is one of the things that surfaced very slowly over time: I stopped understanding the meaning of the word ‘ugly’ when referring to appearance. Continue reading Ugly